So we are clear, (unlike the chicken and the egg),  the B&B did come before the Motel.  B&B’s have been around since the 1800’s, and Motels the 1900’s.  That is another story.
I have been in the Motel Industry for many years.  I have also stayed in many motels. As an operator for over 10 years,  it’s quite simple.   Simple in that, the customer arrives, money is exchanged, a key is handed over, and, if ordered, breakfast is delivered the following morning.  Sure, there may be some stand out services and facilities that motels may provide, such as, a pool/spa, gymnasium, tour booking service, and others.   A friendly welcome and good service is hoped for, and good operators will provide this,  however, most of us have experienced the “Basil” operator.  Lets be honest, everyone has bad days.! A shout out to motel operators everywhere, as it is a tough gig at times!
Prior to  becoming a B&B fan,  I perceived a B&B to be somewhere a couple might stay on a special occasion.  To this day, this is still so,  but further, and since the birth of the B&B in the 1800’s there is a B&B out there to suit everyone.  There is a B&B to suit your budget, style, interests, and overall personality.
There is one constant with the B&B, and that is the “personality” they bring to the table that a motel may not.  When I say personality, I refer to personal style, relaxed atmosphere, and personal touches. I also refer to to the level of guest/host interaction.
My partner, Neil and I have only been travelling using B&B’s for a couple of years.  Despite the varying prices and B&B styles, there has not been a time where that “personality” was  not present.
 The stand out of B&B’s to me as opposed to a Motel is:-
  • The noise factor.  B&B’s are generally really quiet.  Motels however, have this constant buzzing in the background (listen out next time). At motels, cars come and go, people in neighbouring rooms can become noisy,  and well, you have the early rising children next door (that aren’t your own).
  • B&B hosts have time for you!  Motel operators generally do not have quality one on one time to spend with you. The phones are ringing, there’s staff to deal with and customer’s checking in or out.  This is just the reality of a motel business with multiple rooms. The beauty of B&B’s is that the Hosts have time. The Hosts have physically put themselves off the radar to welcome you, and only you.  Ok, so this may not always be the case, as  there are reasons why sometimes this can’t happen.  Let’s say, it’s the general rule.
  • Another stand out quality of a B&B is the interesting hosts you come across!  I’m not at all saying that motel operators aren’t interesting or don’t have a story to tell, but, they usually don’t have the time to tell it!  If a B&B guest or host is up for a chat (which they usually are), it’s amazing who you come across.
  • Generally, B&B operators don’t have the overheads that a motel has.  A little extra service from the B&B Host, free of charge is not uncommon. For example, free breakfast, airport pick up and drop off,  free WiFi,  parking, a welcome beverage and or cheese platter.  Complimetary town shuttle, or discounted/free wine tours could also be offered. The list goes on.
  • B&B’s may have more modern and/or quality facilities, as the B&B owners don’t have the expense of having to fit out 20 or more rooms.
More to the point though, at a B&B you are a guest, and treated as such.  You are treated as a VIP due to the fact that there is only a small group to deal with.  At a motel, you are considered a guest, but treated as customer, due to the limited time and resources operators have to spread over large groups. In my opinion, this is just the way it is.
B&B?  Motel?  It’s a personal choice. For me, I love to stay at a B&B. I love  the “personality” a B&B offers.   I enjoy the host/guest interaction, the personal touches and the one on one service.
As a host, I find peace in the relaxed atmosphere that a B&B exudes.  I love the fact that I have time to tweak the B&B experience on a guest by guest basis.  I enjoy the host/guest interaction, and the wonderful people I am fortunate enough to get to know during the short stay.
What do you like about the B&B experience?
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